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Arts Centre Washinton

Misunderstood Monsters

Half Moon present...

Misunderstood Monsters

06 September 2014 2pm
Tickets £6.00

An Aoife Mannix and Janie Armour production for ages 4 – 9

Overcome your fear of all things creepy and crawly through the power of poetry and live music in this fast moving, out of this world adventure.

Two professional monster catchers who use the latest digital gadgets and gizmos to battle vile beasts are on their most dangerous mission yet. But when earth is threatened by Scoodlefug aliens, these unstoppable heroes are forced to question who the real bad guys are, and need the audience to come to the rescue. But be warned, you will definitely need to watch out for those monsters!

At the end of the performance, audience members are invited to download an app on their phone and take part in an interactive digital adventure journey around the theatre.

Misunderstood Monsters is written and performed by Aoife Mannix and Janie Armour.

Performances last 50 minutes

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