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Arts Centre Washinton

Macbeth – Blood Will Have Blood

Contender Charlie, China Plate and Warwick Arts Centre present...

Macbeth – Blood Will Have Blood

21 October 2015 - 23 October 2015 10.30am + 1.30pm
Tickets £6.00

‘I’ve got keys, to all the doors. I let you in, and if you’re quiet, I’ll let you out again at

the end. Are you ready for this? Do you trust me?’

Re-invented for 9-13 years-olds Macbeth – Blood Will Have Blood is an accessible and

unforgettable introduction to Shakespeare’s shocking story of ambition, greed and

the abuse of power.

Summoned by the arrival of the audience, a macabre Porter leads us into the dark

heart of Shakespeare's play, offering young audiences a glimpse of life under

Scotland’s tyrant King.

Using razor sharp storytelling, a dramatic on-screen world and a heart-stopping

soundtrack this one-man adaptation takes us on a break-neck journey through the

blood-soaked world of Macbeth.

For children aged 9 - 13

Running time: 50 minutes
Wednesday 21 October - 1.30pm
Thursday 22 October - 10.30am + 1.30pm
Friday 23 October - 10.30am 

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