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Arts Centre Washinton

Three Keepers

WinterWalker present...

Three Keepers

30 March 2016 11am + 2pm
Tickets £6.50

Welcome to Flounder Rock Lighthouse, where three men live and work, with only each other and the seagulls for company.

It’s Young ‘Arry’s first day- he’s dreamt of a life of adventure, so long as he can bring his teddy. Wise Old Tom and uptight Dick are there to teach ‘Arry the ropes, but he’s pretty hopeless.

When the storm of the century threatens Flounder Rock, will disaster strike? Will the lamp shine true? Will they run out of biscuits?

Three Keepers is a silent comedy for the whole family about duty, bravery and biscuits!

For children aged 6+

Running time: 55 minutes

‘So much silly I laughed my head off’ 

Audience feedback- Becket Primary School

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Three Keepers Promotion Video 2015 from WinterWalker on Vimeo.