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Arts Centre Washinton

Hothouse... Velvoir + Ski Monarchs + Northern Hex

Hothouse... Velvoir + Ski Monarchs + Northern Hex

01 April 2016 8pm
Tickets £4.00

*** Change in advertised line up ***

Velvoir are a pleasantly disturbing and beautifully bizarre quartet, that aims to provide you with powerhouse music and ideologies that 
will confuse and inspire.  Fronted by a sharp-tongued, enigmatic gender defector and driven by a powerhouse rhythm section and emblazoned by a limitless palette of guitar textures.

Their sound draws heavily on dynamic deviations, experimentation and changes in timbre to build and release tension. They draw upon the use of soundscapes to create larger concepts that enthral audiences and will leave you confused about your own existence and uncertain as to what gender, sexuality, morality and music really are. Leaving you at a rendezvous of questions and question marks.  Their performances feature speeches over instrumental pieces that serve the dual purpose of a stark reminder of our mortality and a commentary of the human condition.

This will be Ski Monarchs’ debut gig (and they may have even decided to change their name by the time they get here!).  Made up of former (and current) members of Pride of the Revolution, Afresco Mantis, Ryoga and Mr Quimby’s Beard the band peddle a bluesy brand of psychedic rock.

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