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Sunderland Stages

Book online or call 0191 219 3455 for tickets.

Sunderland Stages celebrates the very best of theatre, dance and spoken word performances and brings them to hidden, found and unexpected venues across Sunderland.

Between Autumn 2014 and Summer 2015, Sunderland Stages will bring performances to a range of venues in the City including the Royalty Theatre, Arts Centre Washington, North Shore and the Bonded Warehouse (both University of Sunderland Students’ Union venues).

There will also be a number of special performances in ‘found’ spaces. These will be where you least expect them so keep your eyes peeled for announcements coming soon!

For updates and announcement find Sunderland Stages on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @sunstages or visit our webpage at If you would like to receive updates about the Sunderland Stages performances e-mail 

Sunderland Stages is supported by Arts Council England.

What's On:

Birmingham Repertory Theatre present...

Back Down

28 April 2015

*** This performance is at Sunderland College Visual and Performing Arts Building, Bede Campus ***
Luke, Zia and Tommy have known each other for forever. With Luke about to leave for university it’s time for one last adventure together, they set off on a camping trip to conquer Snowdon. But when their jaunt takes an unexpected turn they are forced to face up to the reality of why they needed the trip in the first place.

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Sometimes We Play in association with LittleMighty present...

We Can Be Heroes

01 May 2015

*** This performance is at The Bonded Warehouse, SR1 2RQ***
This is a show about facing your fears and becoming a super hero.
Teenagers Patrick and Mark spend their days dodging school bullies, reading comic books and dreaming of escape from their small town home. Then they meet Mr Smith – a real-life super hero, with his own costume and canine sidekick.

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Stella Productions present...

The Rise and Fall of a Northern Star

15 May 2015

*** This performance is taking place at Independent, Sunderland***
Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll - Tracy Star wanted it all! Seeking to escape the drudgery of her day-to-day life in 1980s Manchester, she sought to make something of herself in the burgeoning male dominated Madchester music scene.

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Middle Child Theatre and Sunderland Stages present...

Not Quite a Pub Quiz

21 May 2015

*** This Performance is at The Dun Cow, SR1 3HA***
The ultimate interactive pub quiz! Watch theatre company MIDDLE CHILD on stage whilst they bring you theatrical performances, comedy, picture puzzles, riddles, hilarious sketches, live music and so much more. Watch what's going on, on stage and try to answer their questions, it’s not as easy as you think!

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Middle Child Theatre and Sunderland Stages present...

Weekend Rockstars + Hyde & Beast

29 May 2015

*** This performance is at North Shore, University of Sunderland's Student Union, St Peter's Capus, SR6 0AN***
Terry’s having a bad week. He’s lost his job, his girlfriend is off to Uni in London and he’s just killed his dealer’s cat.

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